Opslab Improving Operational Efficiency And Crew Scheduling In Commercial Aviation
The OpsLab Crew Tracking and Recovery Platform focuses on scheduling disruption management by automating manual processes. Scheduling disruptions are exponentially increased due to crew staffing issues, absences, weather, and aircraft challenges.  The goal is to recover the network as quickly as possible with the least amount of impact to Crew and the Network, with key measurables surrounding; cost, quickest recovery, and the least expensive.  

The Air Travel Consumer Report indicates that approximately 76% of all US Based Carrier flights are on time.  This leaves approximately 24% of scheduled flights either delayed or canceled. From the remaining 24% of Irregular Operations, the two largest contributing factors are labeled as 'Air Carrier' Delays (9%) and 'Late Arriving Aircraft' (7%).  This along with pilot shortages, fatigue, and overall staffing issues are exacerbating the network recovery challenges costing the airlines millions of dollars each year. 

Did you know 3-5% of operating costs come from irregular operations, resulting in an approximate $28 billion annual cost to the airlines due to delays alone. The industry suffers from inefficiencies in operating duties that cost about $74 billion per year.*

OpsLab Crew Tracking and Recovery at a glance

The Crew Tracking & Recovery feature offered by OpsLab can help minimize crew costs following disruptions. With a user-friendly web interface, you can track crew schedule updates, rule violations, and flight statuses in real-time. Implement custom strategies to resolve mega disruptions and publish solutions as they arise. The entire crew management system can be made smarter by connecting the database with Control Room, a bolt-on framework for crew tracking and recovery.

The OpsLab team is excited about this journey. Here’s what OpsLab CTO, Sujeevraja Sanjeevi, had to say "Schedule disruptions are a daily occurrence and a major pain point for most airlines in the world. Our mission is to make the recovery of disrupted airline schedules automatic, easy, cost-effective and efficient. We build and maintain our solvers for this problem with focus on scale, leveraging operations research to search for high-quality solutions quickly, and adoption, by using historical schedule data to train machine learning models that drive the solver to generate solutions preferred by users.".

About OpsLab

OpsLab was established in 2019 and founded by research scientists specializing in airline operations. OpsLab's AI-enabled crew schedule recovery mainly focuses on reporting the violations in real time and resolving the disruptions at a click of a button.
OpsLab’s core optimizer uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to rapidly resolve disruptions to crew schedules, saving millions per year for the airline. It automatically generates and reflow schedules, expedites recovery times, increases the training throughput for all operational needs, and has the ability to manage large operations with minimal support.

OpsLab optimizer is also enabled with integrated mobile support which helps the crew members in the following ways -
1. Two-Way Communication Between Scheduling and Crew Members.
2. Trip Trading.
3. Personal Pay Overview.
4. Machine Learning-Based Chatbot. 
5. Integrated with Opslab’s Disruption Management Platform

OpsLab Optimizer can also be repurposed to handle scheduling disruptions for Pilot Training, Dispatch, and Ground Operations. The future of OpsLab is to mitigate manual processes through user-friendly AI assistance platforms.To learn more about us and our services visit www.opslab.com