Control Room: Crew Tracking & Recovery
Make your crew management system smarter by connecting it with Control Room, a bolt-on framework for crew tracking and recovery.
Track crew schedule updates, rule violations and flight statuses in real time with a user-friendly web interface.
Resolve any violation with 2 clicks.
Resolve mega disruptions with custom strategies and publish solutions as they appear.
Use predictive recovery to make schedules robust to unknown but likely future disruptions (reposition reserves, increase connection times).
Control Room: Crew Tracking & Recovery
Ground Staffer: Work Shift Management
Schedule shifts for ground-ops, dispatchers and crew schedulers.
Track and optimize schedule dispatcher workloads based on flight traffic.
Optimizer flights to gate and manage employee work zones.
Keep workloads fair and balanced while respecting personal commitments.
Minimize overtime usage with minimal impact to customers.
Ground Staffer: Work Shift Management
Crew Flow Mobile
Enable crew members to trade trips, post/pickup trades.
Split trips at base for easier trading.
Use our ML-based chatbot to improve communication between crew members and schedulers.