Managing Mission Critical Resources
What we do
We provide smart assistants to solve operational planning, tracking and recovery problems at scale. Our solutions, built with operations research and machine learning, tackle reactive and predictive aspects of problems like scheduling, routing and dispatch, and automate away the most complex parts of solving such problems.
We reduce overall cost of operations by automating crew scheduling. We help commercial airlines manage air crews and ground staff operations.
Department of Defense
We address pilot shortages in the U.S. Airforce by increasing the throughput of training (Air Education and Training Command) and combat readiness (Air Combat Command) programs. Our AI platform solves this problem by automating squadron schedule planning and sortie reflowing.
Road Transport
Our online dispatch solution matches riders to drivers, and more generally, service providers (e.g. electricians, plumbers) to service requests instantly.
We create optimized routes for fleets with aerial and ground vehicles to accomplish a variety of missions like surveillance and package delivery.